At Tip-Top Tutoring, state certified teachers provide small group, individualized instruction to students in grades Pre-K - 6th. Our mission is to empower future leaders that will use their critical thinking and creativity skills to make a positive impact in their community and the world, by focusing on whole child development and fostering love for all living things, people, God and The United States. We provide unique and hands on learning experiences to a variety of learners allowing each child to perform at their academic level to ensure academic growth and success. 

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2020 - 2021 School Year


Are you worried about your child returning to a large classroom?


Letty, 4th - 6th Grade Parent

I was struggling with my 10 year old son in the public school system with its Core Curriculum. It was severly affecting his morale and self esttem. My son's whole demeanor changed when he started Tip-Top Tutoring.  He's back to himself and learning at his pace. I haven't seen him so happy to go to school since he started Kindergarten. They make learning fun and have all the patience I wish I had.

Maurizio, ASD Parent,
Pre-K - 2nd Grade

We are completely confident that we made the right decision. We really lucky to have found a teacher so competent and with so much dedication. Ms. Pena is what true vocation is all about and we have finally found that missing link we needed. We are certain that Ms. Pena will accomplish something grand and make a true difference in many people's lives...she has already done so in ours!

Adi, 2nd - 5th Grade Parent

For the first time in her life, my daughter is loving learning! Her reading and writing have greatly improved over the last year. The teachers are passionately dedicated to these children's education. Tip-Top Tutoring has been a godsend to our family. It is the best mix of homeschooling and private/public school. They work with students to bring up where they are struggling but challenge them at what they are exceeding with. The education is perfectly suited to the individual child.

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