Students learn Science through

exploration and questioning. They accompany text with

 observations, Science

Experiments and STEM projects. 

Enrichment Courses

Each year students will participate

in at least two Enrichment

courses such as: chess, etiquette,

sewing, entrepreneurship,

and more

Reading and


Students use a variety of curriculum that meets State and National Standards. Manipulatives are used to introduce concepts

and provide support for visual

and tactile learners. They are gradually faded out leading students to show mastery of skills independently. 

Christianity and


Students learn to care for and love others, their country, the world and

all living things through

teachings of Christian values, volunteering, Civics, American

History  and World studies.

In Art class students learn about different art styles and artists. 

They complete art practice using 

various art methods and materials.

Music history teaches

them about the history of music 

and how it's affected our culture

and history.

Art and Music


Monthly outings allow students

to have fun while being fully

involved in their learning and 

relate classroom teachings to real

life experiences.

Community Learning

Academic Programs